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IN STILL LIFE  - Exploring contemporary perspectives on the still-life tradition and the concept of stillness within a dynamic and unrelenting social landscape. Bianco Gallery - Seattle, WA

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Hae/Hi: VOL III   |  WelcomeA collaborative project featuring Icelandic and Seattle based design studios, addressing the acts that take place, and the objects associated with, arriving and departing, greetings and goodbye.

Icelandic Embassy - Copenhagen, DK, 

Landsbankans - Reykjavik, IS

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Intersections - A new series of furniture pieces inspired by the fundamental connection between two planes of wood. 

Bianco Gallery - Seattle, WA 


Hae/Hi: Saman/TogetherA collaborative project featuring Icelandic and Seattle based design studios exploring the idea of what together means. 

Hometeam Gallery - Seattle, WA

Ásmundarsalur - Reykjavik, IS

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Furnishing Utopia | Public AccessA collective exploration of communal acts of sharing. 

Naval Cemetary - Brooklyn, NY

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New EssentialsA study of objects that are seen as essential to our personal well being. 

Bianco Gallery - Seattle, WA 

Hae/Hi: Designing Friendship - A study of objects and experiences by Icelandic and Seattle design studios focused on creating relationships.  

Stakk - Reykjavik, IS

Bianco Gallery - Seattle, WA


Furnishing Utopia/Drawing Upon FrameworksDrawing Upon Frameworks, asked 20+ designers to reflect on modernism’s past while embracing the possibilities for the future.

Herman Miller Showroom - NYC 


Furnishing Utopia/Hands to WorkFor the 3rd Furnishing Utopia exhibit, the collective opened up a dialogue between designers and viewers to explore the virtues of focused work and cleanliness that the Shakers regarded as a path to enlightenment.

Design Within Reach - NYC


Furnishing Utopia/Shaker Influence Now - A study of Shaker objects and philosophy. 

Design Within Reach - NYC

Furnishing Utopia/Shaker Influence Now - A study of Shaker objects and philosophy. 

Stockholm Furniture Fair - Stockholm, SE

Make Use - A collection of objects for the home that celebrate the marriage of materiality and process, craft and purpose, form and function. 



Furnishing Utopia/Shaker Influence Now - The Furnishing Utopia collection exhibited in context at the Brick Dwelling at Hancock Shaker Village.

Pittsfield, MA

Furnishing Utopia - Furnishing Utopia debut launch during Offsite NYC.



The New FrontierCurated collection of objects from Pacific Northwest design studios. 

Bellevue Arts Museum - Bellevue, WA

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